Isabelle is the fourth protagonist to appear in Promix Club, also known as Fairy of Psyche and the next Chief of Core Spirit in her homeplanet, Aquene.


Isabelle is seen as a shy, introverted fairy on behalf of having no voice in Jonathan family. Regardless of her parents' prohibition, she has a strong admiration of warriors and heroes bringing her an inner optimistic and curious personality.

Isabelle is also impassioned by books and history that makes her a natural nerd. This is likely to save her friends from unpredictable dangers.

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Isabelle is a girl with grayish violet bob hair with medium tan complexion. Her face consists of narrow, lavender eyes and light pink lips. There are also two oval sapphires as her earings on both ears.


Season 1Edit

Her first casual in Season 1 comprises a violet tank top with light jeans sleeves, a light jean shorts and light blue short-heels sandals.

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