Princess Cornelia Ignis Jewels is a founder of Promix Club, also a heir of Scepter of Light and next ruler of Westerina.

Personality Edit

Cornelia is a helpful and nice fairy who always cares about surrounding people and she is sometimes smart as well; usually thinks in positive way. Nevertheless, Corny can easily get mad when something considered to annoy her at any time. Moreover, she is also clumsy, silly, and rarely conservative.

At the time Bloom mentioned Westerina in her lecture that caused strange, unidentified and blurry dreams every night, Cornelia lived in terror, worry and had a huge curiousness in figuring out the answer by herself regardless of danger.

Not until she has completely known about her past, her homeplanet, as well as the Scepter of Light did Cornelia feel responsible and try her best as an only hope for her kingdom.

In season 4, she has a strong desire for being well-known. It can be proved when the Earth citizens looked with joy at a new group of fairies Promix like the time the Winx used to set foot on this planet before. She felt so happy that required the rest of the girls to make a name as the new pop stars, despite their disapproval.

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History Edit


Her full name is Cornelia Ignis Abigail Crystalinity, daughter of king James and queen Victoria, known as princess and future queen of Westerina kingdom, survived in a mysterious witch’s attack to her homeplanet for stealing Scepter of Light. It completely killed all members of the royal family, even her twin brother Penn.

Just like Bloom, having been taken to another place, particularly the Mystic Isle, Cornelia was raised in a huge, ancient orphanage and knew nothing about her true identity. At the age of 16, she attended Priscilla Magic Academy through the introduction of a janitor, Maurice.

She used to have a crush on the hottest student, Jackson and suffer from school abuse led by Catherine.


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Appearance Edit


Cornelia has long, golden blonde hair which stops near her knees with tangled bangs. On the top, she takes a white heart-patterned band as her accessory. Cornelia has dark purple eyes, pale complexion and pink lips. There is a half-green-half-yellow clover birthmark on her right arm as well.

Priscilla outfitsEdit

Before coming to Alfea, Cornelia had worn a pink short-sleeved dress along with a pair of doll shoes in the same color. However, there wasn't any hair band.

Season 1 and season 2Edit

Later on, she changed her outfits into a red and white sleeveless short dress, which is a combination of a red croptop with white laces, black stitches in the midriff. It also goes with a red skirt and a white lower layer. The shoes is red with silver short heels.

Season 3Edit

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Season 4Edit

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Season 5Edit

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Season 6Edit

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Season 7Edit

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Season 8Edit


Curiosities Edit

  • Birthday: July 30
  • Astrological Sign: Mermaid
  • Favorite Food: Pizza, hamburger and other snacks
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Hobby: Drawing
  • Ideal Boyfriend: Nope, I wanna be single!
  • Best Friend: Amelina
  • Favorite Movies: Cartoons, comedies
  • Loves: Unknown
  • Favorite Music: C-Pop, V-pop
  • Favorite Spell: Rock of Doom