Personality Edit

Cornelia is a gentle, kind, active fairy but sometime stubborn and irresponsible. She likes helping everybody, even when there' s wars. Cornelia is also good at Languages subject, sometimes she can talk with animals and aliens.

History Edit

Appearance Edit

Season 1Edit

Cornelia is a girl who has golden blonde hair that stops in the middle of her knees. She also has pale skin, dark purple eyes and pink lips. Cornelia wears a red sleeveless dress and the same color doll shoes

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit

Season 6Edit

Season 7Edit

Season 8Edit

Curiosities Edit

  • Birthday:July 1
  • Astrological sign: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Desgining fashion, drawing, making ruby things
  • Favorite food: Hamburger, Pizza, Pancake,....
  • Favorite color: Red and white

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