Lady Audrey Efleda Jonathan is the oldest daughter of Jonathan family to be introduced in the first episode of Season 2, also a Fairy of Darkness.


Audrey is a ambitious fairy being a reason why she achieves good results easily and acknowledged as a representative for Aquene's Fairy Institute. Nevertheless, due to higher social and academic status, her selfishness has outweighed the first impression. It can be seen from the series, Audrey had a tendency to spend most of her time on good look in order to bring honors to her family as well as Core Spirit, desired to be its Head. There is a truth that this fairy has bratty and commanding personality who uses her power to control people, even teachers, professors and any older individuals.

Audrey can be a natural deciever, pretending to be a good person for anything she wants.



Audrey is the first child of Jonathan couple, also preferred in the family. Initially, people in Aquene supported her as the future Head of Core Spirit due to good model of Aquinish women until Isabelle's achievements changed everything.

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