Princess Amelina is a Guardian Angel of Tressa, also queen of Mali U.


Amelina is a gentle, pretty and intelligent princess. She is also naughty but shy when going with Eden. Amelina does love her sister, Cornelia and always takes care of her.



Amelina is daughter of queen Angie and king Maddonuos, one of the Ex-Guardian Angel. When she was a child, she was received a spell that makes her hair look more magical. On her first day at the Academy, she saw and had a crush with Eden, who is her boyfriend at the present.
Amelina graduated from Diana Magic Academy and began her first adventure in Gold Wave city with her aunt, Countess Diana. She had to hide her power to avoid Group Dark's quest. One day, when Neo's group was in danger, she used Dragon Flame to save them and bring them home, ran away very quickly. Many days later when the war ended, Neo found out that she saved his friend's life and looked for her to thank her for what she did. Eden fell in love with Amelina, gave her the first kiss at his birthday party on Chrismas, Amelina became Eden's girlfriend and lived happily ever after

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